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Kid2Youth Taiwan Headquarter

The Leader of Ergonomic Industry in Taiwan since 1962

TCT Nanotec in Taiwan is the pioneer in the region to supply kids ergonomic furniture since 2003.

About Us

“The next posture is always a healthier posture.”

For years, a variety of “ergonomic” products in the market are popular and recognizable, which are derived from the facts that people pay more and more attention to the health and abundant technology achievement has been made due to society’s calling. With the competitive learning environment in Asia these days, the duration of children at the desk and in front of the computer is increasing. The desk not fitting children and overtime studying led to unhealthy situation for the fast–growing children.

Kid2Youth has been focusing in the ergonomic fields for decades, manufacturing and designing ergonomic furniture for children. Kid2Youth and the Asian Spine Protection Association developed a series of children’s dynamic growing desks/seats to help children remain the standard sitting posture at ease all the time during learning, which allows children to learn happily and effectively.

Our Brand Story

The 4th Generation

About Us

Having started the 1st generation of kids ergonomic furniture back in the 1980, Kid2Youth have been constantly researching and developing the next generation of study desks and chairs for our kids, with the 4 principles – Health, Safety, Environment and Happiness in mind.

About Us


In order to meet different ages’ body figures and learning modes, Kid2Youth developed professional children desks and chairs in accordance with ISO standard, which the desktop’s height and angle can be adjusted not only by ages but also for various activities on the desk, providing kids with comfortable learning environment.

About Us


Safety is a key concept of the design. From raw materials, production processes to the finished product testing, Kid2Youth products passed all necessary chemical and physical testing to ensure children’s safety.

About Us


Kid2Youth uses only E0 grade wood which are made by trees from artificial forest in Europe. Our powder coating process remains to be low air/ water pollution. In addition, by the use of food container grade of PET, natural non-toxic adhesive, coating with no eight heavy metal…, you may find our commitment to environment and the Earth protection.

About Us


Children’s smile is the driving force of Kid2Youth development, so our designs not only guarantee their safety and health, our designers also created many colorful colors and lovely arcs, imaginative accessories to delight kids’ childhood.