Where is Kid2Youth from?

• Kid2Youth is from Taiwan by TCT Nanotech Co. Ltd and it currently have around 1500 physical stores across the globe in Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia.

• Kid2Youth products are currently distributed by Cheap N Deal Pte Ltd.

Where are the materials from?

• The materials are sourced from European countries such as Austria and Germany, and Taiwan.

What does the warranty covers?

Kids Ergonomic Study Tables and Chairs: Defects in the functionality of mechanical parts and hydraulic gas lift.

Any repair or replacement under the warranty is limited to the defective part only.

Important note

• If you had purchased the Kid2Youth study desk and chair from the previous distributors and currently require any assistance, please kindly contact us at sales@kid2youth.com.sg and refrain from going back to the previous distributors since they may not entertain you.